Most Fit Live 2 B Healthy® Community 2019 Contest

The Winning Community will receive the following prizes:

  • EXCLUSIVE rights to use Most Fit Live 2 B Healthy® Community logo on any/all materials
  • Traveling Most Fit Live 2 B Healthy® Community Banner lives at the winning community through 12/31/19
  • Winning community gets specially-designed Most Fit Live 2 B Healthy® Community co-branded tri-folds for one full year
  • Promotional prize for staff and class participants (ie:  Water bottles, coffee mug, t-shirt, TBD)
  • New Trainer T-shirt for the Community’s Trainer
  • Special Marketing including (but not limited to):  press releases, class fliers, newsletter feature stories, links to winning community on websites, social media, etc.

Prize #1 – EXCLUSIVE rights to use Most Fit Live 2 B Healthy® Community logo on any/all materials

  • Prize #2 – Traveling Most Fit Live 2 B Healthy Community Banner lives at the winning community through 12/31/19

    National Press Release

  • Sample Local Press Release

  • Prize #3 – Winning community gets specially-designed co-branded tri-folds for one full year.

Contest Rules:

  1. Each community who wishes to participate must register online on or before January 1st, 2019.
  2. The winning community will be the one who increases their total participation number by the highest percentage over their 4th Quarter Average Total Participation.
  3. In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by the HIGHEST NUMBER of NEW PARTICIPANTS added to the class.
  4. Participation will be tracked from January 1st – 31st, 2019.
  5. Trainer will track participation in the CMS as usual, being certain to enter any NEW PARTICIPANTS to the class
  6. Participants do not have to be residents of the community.  Outside visitors count as well (as long as their information is recorded by the Trainer).  Community staff can count if they actually participate in the entire class.  Participant’s name must be recorded in the CMS by the trainer in order to be counted.
  7. Early in the first week of the competition, L2BH Marketing will email an average 4th Quarter Average Total Participation Number to each participating community representative designated on the entry form.
  8. The Trainer and the Regional Owner will also get a copy of the 4th Quarter Average Participation Number for each participating community, along with a graph that they can use to share progress information with their community throughout the month.
  9. The winner of the Most Fit Live 2 B Healthy® Community 2019 contest will be announced nationwide on  February 8th, 2019.  Winner will be notified by email, as well as social media announcements.
  10. The winning community will have the right to display the “MOST FIT Live 2 B Healthy® COMMUNITY 2019” logo on any and all marketing materials for the remainder of the year (February 8th – December 31st 2019)

Who’s Your Competition:

Registered Communities
  1. Evergreen at Mesquite
  2. Evergreen at Vista Ridge
  3. Evergreen at Plano
  4. Evergreen at Lewisville
  5. Evergreen at Rockwall
  6. Evergreen at Hulen Bend
  7. Living Meadows
  8. Ecumen CountrySide
  9. Ecumen Meadows
  10. Heritage Community
  11. Willow Brook Cooperative
  12. CSL DT Pleasant Hill
  13. Bay Park
  14. Carnelian Assisted Living
  15. CSL Concord
  16. Seasons at Apple Valley
  17. The Villages of Lonsdale
  18. Peace Village
  19. Applewood Pt. Southtown
  20. Glendale Place
  21. Philipp Square
  22. River City Center
  23. Sholom Shaller Campus
  24. Brentwood Court
  25. Waterford Senior Living
  26. WestRidge
  27. Realife Phalen Village
  28. Coon Rapids SC
  29. Margaret Place
  30. Elk River Senior Living
  31. Savannah Oaks Ramsey
  32. Gramercy Park NW
  33. Emery Place
  34. Country Manor MC
  35. Village Place
  36. Village Ridge
  37. Brown Deer Place
  38. Prairie Hills Tipton
  39. Prairie Hills Cedar Rapids
  40. Sunset Park Place
  41. Keystone Pl Forevergreen
  42. Prairie Hills Tipton
  43. Courtyard Est Bondurant
  44. Courtyard Est PH
  45. Edencrest at Siena Hills
  46. SunnyBrook of Carroll
  47. The Lakeside Village
  48. Vintage Park Apartments
  49. Glenwood Place
  50. Willows of Marshalltown
  51. Eastside Senior Center
  52. Brookdale Mountain View
  53. St. Andrew’s Village
  54. Kipling Meadows
  55. Lake Pointe Villa
  56. Otsego Place
  57. The Trace
  58. Country Meadow Place
  59. Homestead of Mason City
  60. Arlington Oelwein
  61. Legends of Cottage Grove

Most Fit Live 2 B Healthy® Community 2019 Contest Entry

One entry per community must be filled out on or before Jan. 1, 2019 in order for community to participate in the The Most Fit Community 2019 contest.
  • Days of week class is held. Abbreviations are fine!