Are Videos The Future of Social Media?

How do you market your community?  Magazine ads, newspaper ads, senior service referral companies?  It’s not too hard to make a list, because many senior communities use similar strategies.  Do you consider your website and social media part of your marketing plan as well?  Especially compelling are the social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook, where family, grandchildren, acquaintances, former classmates and neighbors can gather, even when they live in distant cities.

According to one article by the American Marketing Association, by 2019 video content will be the driving factor behind 85% of search traffic in the US.  This makes it clear that consumers are demanding more engaging, interactive content to capture their attentions, and a simple article link just won’t cut it.  If your business is like ours at Live 2 B Healthy®, you understand that video links and ads are growing in popularity on the internet.  Especially on social media channels like Facebook.  You have probably also checked out pricing options and found that hiring a professional to create a 40 second video ad for you can cost hundreds – or often even thousands – of dollars that just might not be in your ad budget.

As all business owners know, when it comes to creativity and marketing, it’s all well and good, but it still has to fit into the budget, or it’s just not going to happen!  That’s why the marketing department at Live 2 B Healthy® started investigating methods of including video into our marketing toolkit at a cost that we could afford.  After much searching, we have found a fun method of putting together short, eye-catching videos that fit into our budget.  Because we not only strive to provide our partnership communities with the highest-quality senior fitness programs available, but also to help market these fitness programs (to give our communities a differentiating factor to help them meet their occupancy goals), we are pleased to be able to offer our partnership communities the advantage of short video clips to help them publicize their commitment to health and wellness at their communities.

Communities that have introduced these videos have done so on their social media pages, as well as featuring them on their websites.  Here are a few examples of our class promotion videos: