Balanced Wellness

Updated 2018 Community Co-branded Tri-folds. These will begin shipping immediately with all reorders.

At the request of our Regional Owners at our last National Conference in July 2017, we have updated our Wellness Wheel.  The wheel “did the job”, but was difficult to present in our co-branded community tri-folds that we provide to each of our Partnership Communities.  Many complained that the way it was laid out made it very difficult to read because to fit the explanatory paragraph in, the font had to be so small as to render it almost unreadable.

Previous Brochure

So, just in time for the New Year, we are introducing a new, revised Wellness Wheel (although, because it is no longer in a roundish format, some have questioned whether it should still be called the Wellness Wheel.  I have taken to calling it Balanced Wellness, but I am not sure if that terminology will catch on or not.  Time will tell.)  But, at least it fits into our tri-folds more efficiently now.  So, if you are just receiving new printings of brochures, turn to the inside and let us know your thoughts!  All change happens because someone makes a helpful suggestion.

Updated Balanced Wellness infographic for 2018

In addition to placing the new Balance Wheel/Wellness Wheel in the tri-fold, we created a one page Infographic that replaces the old 7 page handout that we used to have.  All the same information, but in a more condensed, and hopefully attractive,  format.

Just so that you have ALL of the information, I wanted to be sure to post links to the “old” formats so that you can compare.  Simply click on an image to open a PDF link to see it close up!

Old Wellness Wheel Handout

**Please note that the new, updated formats of the Tri-folds will begin shipping immediately with all re-orders.  If your community is in need of more tri-fold brochures, please notify your Regional Owner, or email our Marketing Department.