Benefits to Residential Communities

Live 2 B Healthy®  programs aren’t just great for senior residents: they’re also a wonderful business asset.

How? By helping your residential community to:

Reduce Operating Costs. Our programs assist with:

  • Containing Liability related to falls as seniors increase their balance and strength.
  • Reducing Staff Turnover associated with burnout and fatigue.
  • Minimizing Empty Beds: Our residential community managers report that fewer falls translate to longer residential stays, fewer empty beds. Not only is that terrific news for residents, but it can lower your marketing overhead, too.

Happier Residents: Our seniors tell us that the Live 2 B Healthy®  programs not only improve their health, but build community and a sense of well-being.

Increased Family Member Satisfaction: As residents’ families see improvements to their loved ones’ health and emotional well-being, satisfaction soars!

Lower Staffing Requirements:

  • Live 2 B Healthy®  is 100% outsourced, which means a minimum of work for your staff.
  • Seniors tell us that by helping them to regaining strength and stamina, our fitness programs have helped them to reduce medications. For you, this means less staff time spent distributing and monitoring drugs.
  • Improved resident ambulation lowers the need for staff assistance, particularly at hectic meal-times.

Build a Competitive Advantage by offering an amenity of choice!  To see how communities just like yours are marketing the competitive advantage of the Live 2 B Healthy® fitness programs, click here.

And finally… fitness participants tell us that Live 2 B Healthy®  programs also increase resident socialization and improve moods. And who doesn’t want a cheerier work environment?

ALFA’s Article “Reaping the Benefits of Investing in a Wellness Program”.

Still not convinced? Contact a Live 2 B Healthy® Regional Owner to learn more about our phenomenal results and how we can help your senior community.