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Bill Gates Tackles Alzheimer’s

November 20, 2017 Written by: Kelly Nygard

Bill Gates’ Personal Defense Against Alzheimer’s?  “Lot’s of exercise” In a recent interview CNN Chief Medical Correspondent, Dr. Sanja Gupta spoke with Bill Gates about his recent announcement that he is investing $50 million of his own money into the Continue reading →

Dance for Health

November 20, 2017 Written by: Kelly Nygard

I recently came across this article in Curious Minds detailing the findings of a study that reveals that dancing is the number one form of exercise to slow the aging process.  I posted the article on the SilverSneakers Instructors Facebook Continue reading →

Renewed Wellness

November 16, 2017 Written by: Kelly Nygard

The Live 2 B Healthy® Vision Statement: “To Be a Bridge to Renewed Wellness” I was contacted by one of our Regional Owners this week to write some press releases for a couple of his senior communities following our just-completed Continue reading →

Protecting the Aging Brain

November 14, 2017 Written by: Kelly Nygard

  Research confirms that exercise and a healthy lifestyle are crucial to preserving cognitive functions and potentially staving off dementia. Study after study shows that physical activity, diet and other lifestyle factors keep the brain healthy as we age—contrary to Continue reading →

Walking & Chewing Gum at the Same Time

November 7, 2017 Written by: Kelly Nygard

We’ve all heard the term “they can’t walk and chew gum at the same time”.  It turns out that there are evaluations that medical professional are doing that actually measure whether we can do such things or not.  It’s called Continue reading →

Fitness Through the Ages

November 6, 2017 Written by: Kelly Nygard

As a woman in my mid-fifties who works in the field of senior fitness, I am particularly interested in what I can do now, at my age, to make sure that I am best able to enjoy (remain active and Continue reading →

Are Videos The Future of Social Media?

November 3, 2017 Written by: Kelly Nygard

How do you market your community?  Magazine ads, newspaper ads, senior service referral companies?  It’s not too hard to make a list, because many senior communities use similar strategies.  Do you consider your website and social media part of your Continue reading →