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Does Exercise Help Mitigate Chronic Pain?

February 11, 2020 Written by: Kelly Nygard

According to Successful Aging, by Daniel Levitin at any given time, 30 percent of the population is experiencing chronic pain (pain that is experienced for more than 3 months).  For older adults, this number is closer to 40-50%.  “Interestingly enough, Continue reading →

Not My Grandma – An Infographic

December 27, 2017 Written by: Kelly Nygard

For more detailed information, please see our blog post entitled “Not My Grandma”.

Early Morning Thoughts

December 27, 2017 Written by: Kelly Nygard

While I was having my morning coffee break this morning, I remembered a recent situation that a family found themselves in that I wanted to share with our readers.  This memory stems from the  articles I have been sharing regarding Continue reading →

Reducing the Need for Pain Meds

December 26, 2017 Written by: Kelly Nygard

As a new generation begins to consider senior housing, either for themselves or for aging parents, the senior housing industry is seeing a trend developing.  Many, who saw their grandparents or great-grandparents enter a “nursing home” and begin a rapid Continue reading →