Celebrating Our Ace Workout Party Planner

Janice Byer, Live 2 B Healthy® Certified Personal Trainer

The beauty of having a blog for your business is that you can use it to celebrate unique ideas that maybe don’t fit so neatly into a traditional marketing category.  This morning, as Marketing Director, I received yet another email from one of our fabulous trainers in California, Janice Byer.  Whenever I see the sender’s name and it says “Janice”, I get an immediate smile on my face and, truly, cannot wait to open the email and see what Janice has come up with this month!  

Let me preface this post by saying that we have over 300 Certified Personal Trainers in all parts of the country who are teaching fabulous L2BH classes and are extremely valuable assets to our business.  But, you know how you always have that one person who just stands out?  For me, as a Marketing Director, that trainer is Janice.  Every single month, without fail, Janice plans a fun themed party for her Bay Park Retirement class.  It starts with a simple little email, asking me to create a special class flyer for her.  She plans special music to go along with her theme of the month, she brings little hats or masks or noisemakers or trinkets for prizes and she celebrates fitness and friendship in her class.  

Following each class, I always get a follow up email with photos from her class – which we use to create one of these cute little flyers that she distributes to her class participants.  I love that I can feel the friendship and the enthusiasm, all the way from California to my little home in Minneapolis, just from the smiles on the faces of her class participants.  

Some may consider the themes hokey, or the prizes and costumes a bit over-the-top, but there is no denying that Janice knows how to keep fitness fresh and interesting, as well as how to build a sense of community and friendship among the residents at Bay Park.  This is what Live 2 B Healthy® is all about!

If you are a L2BH trainer and would like to start planning your own little monthly theme parties, check with your Regional Owner and be sure they are receptive to the idea.  Once you are given the green light, you can grab a monthly pre-planned class party themed flyer from our website, or you can contact Marketing and request a specialized flyer to advertise your brainstorm idea.

If you would like to share ideas or get inspiration from Janice, you can join our Live 2 B Healthy® Trainers Facebook Group page and connect with Janice or other trainers there.  This is a great forum to get to know some of your fellow trainers.