Meet Cory Czepa


Live 2 B Healthy® Founder, President & Regional Owner Cory Czepa’s life-long passion for fitness has evolved into his career and life purpose. Cory began helping others renew their commitment to fitness as he became a personal trainer specializing in post-rehabilitation, core stabilization, flexibility and stretching, functional training, postural retraining, nutrition and weight management. In 2008 Cory started Live 2 B Healthy®, and immediately saw compelling physical and emotional improvements across class participants of all ages and sizes. Cory has designed the Live 2 B Healthy® program to coax sedentary seniors into enjoyable social opportunities that allow them to stretch limbs and joints, while boosting both their physical health and quality of life.

Cory Czepa is the primary contact for MN - North, MN - North Central, MN - Southeast, MN - Southwest

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