Meet Greg Springman

Background:  Greg grew up on a farm near Adrian, MN.  He graduated from South Dakota State University with a BS in exercise science.  He moved to the Twin Cities in 1993 and started working as a personal trainer at Bally’s and has been a personal trainer ever since.  Greg has trained a wide variety of populations over the years; business professionals, housewives, seniors, athletes and children with autism. Past Businesses / Jobs:Personal Trainer at Bally’s, Lifetime Fitness, Fitness Crossroad and currently training people in their homes.  Started with Live 2 B Healthy® in March of 2010 Interests: Working out, softball, any sport that involves a ball(with a few exceptions eg. soccer) and spending time with his wife and their daughter Brooklyn. Fun Fact: First cousin of Cory’s. (See any family resemblance?)

Greg Springman is the primary contact for MN - North Metro

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