Do Senior Living Communities Use Video in their Marketing?

In a recent Senior Housing Forum article, Michelle Seitzer writes about a recent interview with Jim Erickson of Erickson Stock.  Erickson spoke about how senior living communities should not be reluctant to use video in their marketing.  He offers beautiful lifestyle stock photo and video footage on his website, and also provide editing assistance.  Upon reviewing his website, I was impressed by the uniqueness of the images.  In a market where we are all too used to seeing the same old stock photos from the same stock photo websites, his images look to be a welcome breath of freshness.

What I really loved about the article, however, is the message “In today’s marketplace, video is really a message that people want to connect with. It’s kind of hard not to push the button, you know?” as Erickson so aptly put it.  It really is true, isn’t it?  I know myself, if I have a project that I need to do, or can’t recall the steps I need to take to upload something, or just want to learn something new – the easiest place to search for how-to lessons is on YouTube.  My husband and I often joke that we don’t know how we ever would have figured out how to use that old bread-maker that we lost the operations instructions to if not for YouTube.  It really is amazing how easy it is to get the information you need from a video!