Facebook Multi-Tasking Part II

As a Marketing Director, I subscribe to various blogs and online forums, and, quite often, I read something that piques my attention and gives me an idea for a blog post.  That is what happened when I read the following articles from Reputation.comArticle 1 and Article 2.  I was already thinking about Facebook and other social media channels, and had done some research as part of my marketing job.  In December, I wrote an article about how to manage multiple Facebook accounts through a central office with varying levels of input from individual, local locations (Read More Here).  I talked about the tools and provided some guidelines that I had found helpful.  Since I wrote that article, I have been busy helping a few newer Regional Owners optimize their social media profiles, mainly Facebook and LinkedIn.  In doing so, I have had numerous opportunities to search for setting up communication avenues with senior living communities in specific trade areas.  Actually, this experience inspired me to write another blog post, Can I Judge a Senior Living Community by their Facebook Page?

This is to say, that when I read the article on Reputation.com my mind was already in the space of the role of Facebook in senior living communities.  The Reason #4 to have a local Facebook Page for each location:  If you don’t have a Facebook page for each location, Facebook may auto-generate one for you. The result is the creation of an “unofficial” page, over which you’ll have zero control.  If you beat data curators to the punch by creating your own pages, you can direct what content goes on the page. Clearly, that’s the better option.

In my recent quest to find and “Like” various senior living communities in specific regions, I have found a lot of these “unofficial” pages.  One example is this Senior Living Community in Phoenix.  This is an “unofficial page”, which makes it impossible for the actual community to monitor or control what happens on this page.  Since they didn’t create it, and have not claimed it, it is completely possible for spammers to lay claim to it and post inappropriate content or anything else they desire, appearing to be on the behalf of the actual community.  It even appears as if the community itself is posting on the Unofficial Page, where, if they actually claimed the page, a responsible person at the company could be updated when posted are made to the page and they could monitor the activity.

The worst case scenario I have run across is when I entered the name of a community in the search bar of Facebook and the post on the right is what showed up.  I should say, that the article is the least frightening of the choices that showed up in the results.  It sure goes to show that if you don’t take some action, action may be taken on your behalf, without your awareness, and it could be incredibly damaging.  I can’t imagine how any business could recover from such publicity.

If you are a Marketing Director for a senior living community and would like some assistance with setting up a local Facebook page for your community, Live 2 B Healthy® can be your resource for information and direction.  Our partnership communities receive an amazing Marketing Benefits package when they sign a contract for our Senior Fitness Classes.  These benefits can help you to spread Good News about your community (as opposed to what the Facebook post on the right is telling the public about this community).  For those communities who struggle to come up with content for social media, blogs and newsletters, L2BH has an entire library of photos, articles and research to share to help make your position just a bit easier.

We certainly hope you will join the Live 2 B Healthy® Wellness Family!