FAQs About Our New Email Marketing Program

Thanks to all of our communities who responded to our email survey, we have found the areas of concern and questions that our communities have regarding our new program.  Following are the answers to a few common questions that have come up:

Questions #1 – Will Live 2 B Healthy® have access to our emails?

Because of privacy concerns, and what most of us have told our contacts when they provided us their emails, people are rightly concerned about sharing those emails with a third party.  Rest assured that, because we have these same privacy concerns with the emails that we collect at Live 2 B Healthy®,  we are well aware of the fact that our community’s email contacts are their property and are not to be shared with us, or anyone else.  We would never ask you to share your email contacts with us.  Your email contacts will remain your property and they will never receive emails directly from L2BH.

There are 2 tiers of service available to your community if you choose to participate in our new email program:

The Managed Account Program –

This is the ONLY level where our marketing manager would have access to your email contacts.  This access would allow our Marketing Director to set up your account for you, thus relieving your community of the responsibility for getting your account activated and set up.  Anyone from your community who you designate would also have complete access to your community’s dashboard, but our L2BH Marketing Director would have access to your account.  This will allow us to create templates for your community, load your contacts and send out emails ONLY ON YOUR BEHALF.  You would have complete access to the dashboard, so you would know exactly which emails were being sent out and to whom.  This access to the account could be granted only during set-up, until your community is trained to use the system, or could remain in effect as long as you wish.  The access can also be terminated at any time.  The access you are granting does not allow L2BH to access, copy or contact any of your email contacts, nor allow us to contact them outside of your dashboard at your request.

In other words, we would be able to see your contacts, but we are not legally allowed to download or otherwise copy your emails contacts.  Those emails are the property of your community, and they remain the property of your community.

Partner Referral Program –

You would only be signing up using our link.  Your community would be responsible for all set-up and maintenance of your account and we would not have access to the account or your dashboard.  We will provide you with templates that you can use to recreate email campaigns within your account’s dashboard.  You are also welcome to contact us at any time for help and assistance in managing your account.  We can even provide you with instruction in all areas of getting started with email marketing.  However, we cannot do any of the work for you, and your community will be responsible for all aspects of getting set up with your new service.

*A note about the services, you are free to ‘move’ from one account type to the other, depending upon how much assistance you feel like you need and how much time you would like to devote to your email marketing program.

At any time, your community is free to sign up for Constant Contact on your own, through no involvement with L2BH.  You are not required to go through our referral program at all.  We are only offering this program to our partners as an option because if you sign up under our program, we will provide your community with ongoing support, instruction and email templates.  If your community has a marketing person who is familiar with the Constant Contact service and you do not require any of our assistance, then you are free to sign up directly with Constant Contact.  The cost of signing up for Constant Contact is EXACTLY the same, regardless of whether you sign up under our partnership or on your own.  However, we may occasionally have access to specials that are not available to the general public.

Question #2 – Many of our residents do not have email addresses or do not check their emails.  Why should we sign up?

As time goes on, more and more of your future residents will be used to email and familiar with the internet.  Now is a great time to get started and learn all about the powerful tools that email marketing has.  In the meantime, you can use email to communicate with the families of your residents as well.  This can help increase attendance in all of your activities as many residents will begin participating at the urging of their families.

Many of your future residents will be accustomed to email as a form of communication and the more your community can learn to use it effectively, the easier it will be for you to ensure that your residents, families and even employees and vendors are all aware of what is going on in your community.

Question #3 – What if I don’t have any email addresses to send to?

This is part of the training that L2BH will provide to your community as a marketing partner.  We will help your community get set up and begin collecting emails, as well as learn how to appropriately utilize email marketing to get the results you desire.  Everyone starts somewhere – and how helpful would it be to have someone who is  familiar with your residents and the senior living community in general, who also has been using Constant Contact since 1995 to help walk you through the steps to success?!