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As a residence owner or manager, what do I have to do?

  • Your role is to provide space for fitness classes, and to let residents know that the program is available.
  • Every month, we’ll work with you to coordinate the fitness charges (if any) to residents.
  • That’s it!

Who are the trainers? What are their qualifications?

  • Our Live 2 B Healthy®  trainers are nationally certified. All trainers work under close guidance with their local Live 2 B Healthy® Regional Owner. 

“Cory has renewed our spirits, instilled in us a will to use neglected limbs and muscles, and energy to participate in new activities and the hope of still being of use to others even though I am 106 years old!” — Irene

What does this cost?

  • We strive to keep fitness affordable and convenient. Cost varies per senior residential community.

Where will classes be held?

  • Any open area in the residence will work. Living rooms, recreation rooms, great rooms…. all of these are perfect locations for fitness and community-building!

We don’t have equipment. Now what?

  • No problem! Live 2 B Healthy®  provides all the equipment. Equipment is stored on-site at your facility, so it’s always available.

What about liability?

  • Live 2 B Healthy®  maintains liability coverage for all our clients, and we work with each business partner to ensure adequate insurance coverage.

“I’ve lowered my cholesterol by sixty points, lost weight, and improved my blood pressure. I’m very optimistic that my investment in exercise… Will make a huge difference in the quality of my life for the next twenty to thirty years.” — Tom

How do I get started?