Fitness Through the Ages

As a woman in my mid-fifties who works in the field of senior fitness, I am particularly interested in what I can do now, at my age, to make sure that I am best able to enjoy (remain active and independent) in my senior years.  It’s no longer a distant future question, but rather, I can see that this is the next chapter in my life.  That’s why, when one of our L2BH Trainers, Pam Connolly (Des Moines, IA Region) sent along this blog posting about training seniors, I read it with personal interest, as well as professional.

I wanted to share the article with you, first of all:  Read it here

I was very interested in particular to read that “up to 50 percent of this decline is due to deconditioning rather than aging.”  Which means to me and those in my age group, if we don’t use it we will lose it.  I hear people my age lamenting the inevitability of physical decline, but I love articles like this that reassure me that it is possible to remain active and independent if we continue to get the right kind of physical exercise.

A few months ago, we created an infographic called “Fitness Through the Years” which was based upon an article written in the Costco Connection.  Again, I was particularly interested in the breakdown of what is appropriate for what age groups, but also interested to see that the conclusions that they drew, particularly of those in their 40s and how that decade really seems to set the stage for which direction the rest of our lives will take, health wise.

All of this research is so thrilling to me and tells me that I being in the senior fitness field is the perfect career choice for me.  I really feel that it is my moral duty to spread the news about the importance of maintaining fitness as we age.  I see the benefits for myself, and I also am witness to the effects of inactivity as we age.  Maintaining our fitness as we age is really not a “theory”, so to be given the opportunity to spread the good news, as I am everyday as the Marketing Director of Live 2 B Healthy®, is quite a privilege!