Virtual Falls Prevention Fitness Programs

Live 2 B Healthy® Virtual Falls Prevention Fitness Programs have revolutionized the way older adults can stay active and maintain their independence while aging in place. By providing enhanced safety, convenience, personalized approaches, and social engagement, these programs empower seniors to prioritize their health and well-being. Regular participation in virtual falls prevention fitness programs not only improves physical fitness and reduces the risk of falls but also promotes a sense of community and a better quality of life for older adults. It’s time to take advantage of recent advances in technology and unlock the potential for healthy aging in the comfort of our own homes.

A Few of the Many Benefits of Virtual Participation:

Enhanced Safetly

Live 2 B Healthy® Virtual Falls Prevention Fitness Programs offer a safe and controlled environment for older adults to exercise. With tailored routines and exercises designed to improve strength, balance, and coordination, these programs significantly reduce the risk of falls, which can have devastating consequences for seniors. Engaging in these programs virtually allows older adults to exercise without the fear of injuring themselves, ensuring their safety and peace of mind.

Personalized Approach

Live 2 B Healthy® Virtual Falls Prevention Fitness Programs can be tailored to meet the specific needs and abilities of each individual. All of our trainers are National Certified Fitness Professionals and are used to working with older adults of varying degrees of mobility and ability. A variety of options for each exercise are provided and trainers encourage participants to keep their own goals and abilities in mind, rather than competing and comparing themselves to others in the class.

This individualized approach ensures that older adults receive exercises that are appropriate and effective for their unique circumstances, optimizing their fitness progress and overall well-being.

Convenience & Accessiblity

One of the major advantages of Live 2 B Healthy® Virtual Falls Prevention Fitness Programs is their accessibility. Older adults can participate in these programs from the comfort of their own homes, eliminating the need to travel to fitness centers or studios. This convenience removes common barriers such as transportation issues and inclement weather, making it easier for seniors to stay consistent with their exercise routine. Additionally, virtual programs often provide flexible scheduling options, allowing participants to choose the most convenient times for their workouts.

Social Engagement

While aging in place offers independence, it can sometimes lead to feelings of isolation. Live 2 B Healthy® Virtual Falls Prevention Fitness Programs address this by fostering social engagement. Participants can interact with trainers and fellow seniors through virtual platforms, creating a supportive community that encourages motivation and accountability. The opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share similar goals can significantly enhance the overall experience and make exercise more enjoyable for older adults.

If you would like to join our virtual classes and are ready to sign up now, please register and complete the required paperwork on the Juniper Registration site:

If you have questions and would like to talk with a real person, please send your contact information via email and someone will reach out to answer your questions:


Beginner Kit:

We use minimal equipment in our classes to allow the most people to participate.  In most cases, you can feel free to grab a couple of cans from your pantry or a water bottle to use as weights.  

If you would like to order an Exercise Kit, they are available for purchase.  Each kit contains:  1 mini ball, 1 loop and 1 band.  

Intermediate Kit:

$35/includes shipping              

 $40/includes shipping


If you have a church group, community center, library or other location with WiFi access and would like to arrange to join as a group, please give us a call! We have a technology support team to assist you with getting started.