Live 2 B Healthy® is a preferred partner with Renew Active by UnitedHealthcare®.

Benefits to Regional Owner:

  • More Contract Opportunities with New Markets
  • Marketing Partnership with Nationally Recognized Brand
  • Targeting New Opportunities (Individual Fee Paid)
  • Joint Target & Marketing Outreach
  • Increased Brand Recognition through Partnership Affiliation
  • Included in Renew Active by UnitedHealthcare® website listing Marketing to members

Renew Active by UnitedHealthcare® Reimbursement Plan:

$3/visit with a cap at $42. Paying $3/visit, paying $3 up to 14 visits per Renew Active member each month

Click to view the Getting Started Video

Request Optum Contract  (attached sample is only a sample and not to be used or reproduced) from Andy Emond, Network Program Manager, 952-205-407 . 

Provide the following information when requesting contract:

  • Legal Entity name, address & phone#
  • First & Last name of contract signer'
  • Email address of contract signer

Visit the Healthy Contributions online enrollment pageIf setting up multiple locations, be sure to check the multiple locations box!


Verify your location information on the Location Locator.

Add new class participant and obtain a confirmation code for a participant.  Note:  You must have first and last name + the member ID Number, found on their card.

Members can join or be registered at multiple health clubs/gyms.


Submit monthly member visits via the Healthy Contributions website between the 1st-5th of the following month.  Receive reimbursement around the 25th of the submission month.  

If you have multiple communities with RenewActive Participants, you may use the attached spreadsheet to upload participation.

You can do a 60 day lookback on participation reports.