Whatever Your Lifestyle . . . We've Got a Class Style to Fit

We customize our programs to meet your residents' needs

Our customized senior fitness classes can hold up to twenty-five participants (depending upon the space provided), and are held several times weekly. Unlike gatherings led by an Activities Director, our classes are taught by Certified Trainers who know the proper exercise progressions to help seniors regain their Balance, Strength & Flexibility.

Our programs are proven to improve wellness through: Physical, Social, Emotional, Spiritual, Environmental, & Intellectual factors.

Lifestyle Programs

Live 2 B Healthy® is your partner of choice to take your Wellness Program to the next level.  Senior Living Communities across the country rely upon our our innovative programs led by professional trainers to reduce falls, increase length of stay & attract new residents.  

Assisted Living

Live 2 B Healthy® Trainers excel in Assisted Living communities because they are experienced in adapting exercises to the resident participants. In any given AL class, we regularly have 10 ambulatory, 10 using walkers and 10 in wheelchairs. Our trainers know how to ensure that each person who wants to participate is given the opportunity to do so to the best of their ability!

CoOps & 55+

Adult 55+ Co-Op residents LOVE our classes! Not only do the class participants enjoy a great physical workout, but our classes also give them a time to meet neighbors and friends who share a common interest in maintaining and active lifestyle.

Skilled Nursing

In our Skilled Nursing communities, our trainers are on hand to help assist residents to class and to their destination after class. They keep a close eye on individuals, understand the different exercise progressions to guide residents with limited mobility, and are there to lend a helping hand when a resident needs a bit of additional assistance managing the equipment.

Community Centers

Community Centers provide many opportunities for different class formats, from senior aqua classes to Zumba and yoga, all with a focus on seniors.

Independent Living

Our trainers help keep residents moving so they can maintain their independence. Classes generally move at a bit faster pace, but everything we do is always tailored specifically to the resident needs at each community. Our trainers know there is no such thing as a 'one size fits all' option when it comes to designing our classes.

Senior Centers

Live 2 B Healthy® provides reliable, professional certified trainers to senior centers all over the country. Our classes accept many types of insurance, including SilverSneakers, Silver&Fit and Renew Active welcome addition to any activity schedule.

Memory Care

While fitness classes for Memory Care residents is a novel new concept that has gained a lot of support following new research into Alzheimer’s care options, Live 2 B Healthy® has been conducting Memory Care classes since 2008.

Private Homes

Our NEW LIVE Virtual fitness classes are available to seniors anywhere to join with other seniors from across the road or across the country in fun, safe, senior-focused group classes.

Ok,you've got my attention . .

The Live 2 B Healthy® program definitely “checks all the boxes” from a community management vantage point:

  • Reduced Falls
  • Increased Length of Stay
  • Healthier Residents
  • Eased Staff Responsibilities
  • Improved mental, physical & spiritual wellness
  • 100% Outsourced Amenity
  • Proven
  • Professional

What's not to love about that?

Our Fitness Programs are GREAT News for Your Community!

Live 2 B Healthy® can supply customized press releases for your community and submit them to local news outlets.  Click here to see the results in action!