Marketing Benefits

As we emerge from the challenges of the pandemic, many of us are realizing that it’s a whole new world out there when it comes to marketing strategies aimed at attracting new residents. Community marketing messages now place even greater emphasis on resident safety and the use of technology to combat isolation. To adapt, communities are embracing new delivery methods such as virtual tours and leveraging their websites and social media platforms to amplify their voices.

At Live 2 B Healthy®, we understand the importance of promoting resident safety, health, and fitness. That’s why we offer our community partners a comprehensive library of marketing support materials. These materials serve as powerful tools to showcase their commitment to resident well-being. Many of our community partners are adopting non-traditional marketing approaches, utilizing our co-branded marketing materials to attract new residents. By highlighting their unique Wellness Program, they differentiate themselves from others in the market.

Incorporating our SEO fall prevention messaging, we provide our community partners with compelling content that emphasizes the significance of falls prevention. By highlighting the importance of our fitness programs and the positive impact they have on resident safety and well-being, our partners can effectively communicate the value they offer. Together, we can create engaging marketing campaigns that resonate with potential residents and highlight the unique benefits of living in their community.

Get the Word out

Customized Class Flyer

Invite your residents to your classes.

Tour Talking Points

An attractive guide to give to your tour guide and to place into your Tour Packets.

Certified Wellness Banner

Pop-up Banner for your lobby.

Co-Branded Brochures

Professionally-printed, co-branded tri-fold brochure for you to distribute in tour packets and to use as you see fit to promote your Live 2 B Healthy® classes.

Resident Newsletter

Monthly wellness newsletters for your residents.

Invite Visitors

Online Class Schedule

A customized landing page on our website, highlighting all the information about your class.

Press Release

Notify your local news outlets about your fitness classes.

Tear Off Class Invites

Post in local coffee shops and gathering spots to invite outside visitors to your class.

Postcards &/or Mailbox Stuffers

Professionally printed postcards or mailbox stuffers available.

Balanced Wellness Series Materials

Live 2 B Healthy® developed our Balanced Wellness Series while searching for a way to continue to encourage healthy lifestyles among class participants.   

These materials are FREE to senior communities and services to use, regardless of whether they have Live 2 B Healthy® classes on the schedule.  

Feel free to browse our selection and download items of use to your organization.  

Would you like to receive our Monthly Wellness Series straight to your email in box?

Our Fitness Programs are GREAT News for Your Community!

Live 2 B Healthy® can supply customized press releases for your community and submit them to local news outlets.  Click here to see the results in action!

Newsletter Resources

Our Balanced Wellness Series Make Your Job Easier!

This is your spot for newsletter ideas:

Looking for senior fitness/wellness articles for your community’s newsletters, blogs or social media posts?   Our Balanced Wellness Series features a Class Participant Newsletter every month, which is perfect for communications with residents.  Looking for material appropriate for shareholders or business partners?  Please contact our Marketing Department directly to discuss your needs.   

Wellness Certification

Our Partnering Communities are proud to have earned the Live 2 B Healthy® Wellness Certification. Today’s seniors and their families have many different living options to choose from, so we work hard to provide our Community Partners with many active lifestyle choices to help keep their residents young in mind, body and spirit! Live 2 B Healthy® is proud to bring senior fitness services to residential communities, allowing us to support a healthier lifestyle for our residents.
We know that seniors and their families today are looking for options which will help them to remain active in the life of the entire family for as long as possible. One of the ways our Community Partners have chosen to help keep their residents involved in life is by partnering with Live 2 B Healthy®

Certification Standards:

  • Community holds at least one L2BH class per week.
  • Community maintains ongoing contract for L2BH services.
  • Community makes available individual  test results twice per year as requested to participants and/or families.
  • Community makes available general test results twice per year to all participants and/or families.
  • Community hosts Awards Ceremonies in conjunction with L2BH to honor participant test results.
  • L2BH collects at least 2 resident testimonials per testing period.