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We do the research so your team doesn’t have to.  If your community has a newsletter – we would LOVE it if you would share some of our topics with your residents and families.  Browse through our selection of previously-published corporate newsletters, or see our Participant Newsletters within each months’ Wellness Series.  Either way, you have a ton of topics to select from.  Feel free to use any of the images as well!  Or, ask our Marketing Department for an image to reflect your needs.  

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Balanced Wellness Series Materials

In March of 2020, senior living as we know it was forever changed!  COVID lockdowns affected our day-to-day activities across the country as communities went into lockdown.  

Searching for a way to continue to encourage healthy lifestyles among residents, Live 2 B Healthy® developed our Balanced Wellness Series.  

These materials are FREE to senior communities and services to use, regardless of whether they have Live 2 B Healthy® classes on the schedule.  

Feel free to browse our selection and download items of use to your organization.  

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