Where is Your Audience?

One of the biggest challenges in marketing is reaching people where they are. This is especially true now in the age of so many social media channels. Some people prefer to respond to emails, some to phone calls, some like to watch videos; still others get all their news from Facebook. This is always a challenge for me, as I develop marketing materials for Live 2 B Healthy®. A great example of this is when one of our fabulous trainers from California sent me an article from the Costco magazine, talking about how our fitness needs change over the years. It was a great article, and very well-written. But, I got to thinking about how I could share that information in the most effective way with others in the senior wellness field. Obviously, I could simply share the article. But, would everyone read it and find it as interesting as I did. Costco does a great job, but was this article particularly compelling in its original format? Lots of words and very few pictures!

Which got me thinking, maybe this would be a great opportunity to create a fun infographic. Infographics take the information provided and condense it into a graphic format that tends to be a bit more attention-grabbing. Of course, the infographic hyperlinks back to the original article, so if a person wanted to research further or read more, they certainly could. Infographics tend to play a lot better on our image-hungry social media outlets like Instagram and Facebook. I can still link to all of the in-depth information on the Costco article, but the graphic content is more apt to catch the audiences’ eye.

The next logical step, of course is to create a short video. I have a wonderful new video tool that lets me create infographic style short videos, which then play well to the audiences on YouTube and people who would rather see a video (with captions, of course) on Facebook.

Next, I email all of these materials out to my Regional Owners to let them know they are available. They can download and print them out, or share them in a video. One Regional Owner asked for a traditional PowerPoint presentation so she could utilize it during an upcoming presentation at a senior center.

It’s all about taking the same information, and finding appropriate and fun ways to communicate with audiences across a wide range of platforms. That’s probably why I enjoy my position as Marketing Director for Live 2 B Healthy® so much – I am constantly being challenged to provide new marketing materials to a large and diverse audience. Everyone from Certified Personal Trainers to seniors in their 90s and beyond.   It keeps me on my toes!