Non-Profit Email Strategies

This morning, I had an opportunity to listen to a webinar sponsored by Constant Contact  based on using email marketing for non-profits.

  • 38% of all online donors are inspired to give from an email
  • Not sending emails means leaving funds on the table
  • A (automated) marketing plan is a MUST


Common Goals

  • Standing out amongst other causes
  • Increasing awareness – education
  • Raising funds/donations
  • Growing membership base

Failure of Email Marketing for Non-Profits:  #1 Reason Underperforming emails is caused by weak design

Subject Line:

 4-7 words

Capital letters (treat as heading)

limit punctuation

Not just September 2018 Newsletter

Pre-Header Text – Put September 2018 Newsletter here

From Name

**Non profit tech for good – great blog** – sign up for newsletter/blog

650% higher engagement rates for posts/images that include images – know that Constant Contact has images for free as well.

20 Lines of text or less.  A paragraph and call to action should make up the composition of the email.

Headlines: 22 pt font

Body Text: 14pt font

Use “Read More” as opposed to writing it all out in the email.  5 column layout at bottom can be used effectively for buttons to “Learn More”

WIIFM:  What’s In It For Me?

Events Campaigns – Announcement (4 weeks before)/One week reminder/last chance reminder (1-2 days before)

20% open rate average for non-profits