One-on-One Personal Training for Seniors

Our Nationally Certified Personal Trainers(C.P.T.s) specialize in senior fitness.  Our C.P.T.s are available for half hour sessions and can come either directly to your apartment or to the fitness room in your community so you don’t need to leave the convenience of your own home.

Or, maybe you or a loved one has recently had an injury or is recovering from a fall or surgery.  After working with a Physical Therapy professional to regain mobility, the next step is to rebuild strength and flexibility in the injured area to prevent future issues.

For more information about scheduling a session with a  One-on-One Personal Trainer, please fill out the form below and one of our local Regional Owners will get in touch with you right away to get you started!

If you are from a senior living community and would like information for your residents about on-site One on One Personal Training, please fill out the form below and we will get you information and marketing materials for you to use to let your residents know about the opportunity.