Our Company

Live 2 B Healthy®  seeks to inspire seniors to live longer, healthier lives.

Our company has been at the forefront of the senior fitness movement since 2008.

Working with seniors of all shapes and ability levels, the Live 2 B Healthy® Team has witnessed miraculous social & physical benefits for elder care residents. We’re proud to bring senior fitness services to residential communities, allowing them to support a healthier lifestyle for residents.

Driven by a passion to create better senior housing experiences, Live 2 B Healthy® owner Cory Czepa designed the program to encourage seniors of all abilities into enjoyable, sociable opportunities as well as improve strength, balance & flexibility in a fun group setting.

Class participants are tested twice per year against a baseline test. Results show increased strength, balance & flexibility as well as increased emotional resilience & sociability.

Our services complement a community’s Activities Director gatherings by creating additional socialization opportunities for seniors while building residents’ balance, mobility, and strength.

Company History: Founded by sports professional Cory Czepa, the company has been steadily growing around the United States since 2008. In order to bring Live 2 B Healthy® to the USA’s growing population of seniors, the company adopted a franchise business model in 2010. In 2011, Cory brought in a team of partners to ensure that the company’s rapid growth continues just as smoothly.

What Others Have to Say About Us:

Our Vision

Live 2 B Healthy® provides a bridge to renewed independence for older adults.

Our Mission

Live 2 B Healthy® provides a proven, flexible approach to falls prevention through education, fitness and community.

Leadership Team

Cory Czepa

Founder & President

Cory Czepa’s life-long passion for fitness has evolved into his career and life purpose. Starting eleven years ago, Cory began helping others renew their commitment to fitness as he became a personal trainer specializing in post-rehabilitation, core stabilization, flexibility and stretching, functional training, postural retraining, nutrition and weight management.

Cory and his wife Sarah have built a successful in-home training and nutrition business, training clients in total body awareness and wellness. They also own a thriving health club in the Twin Cities area.  In 2008 Cory started Live 2 B Healthy®, and immediately saw compelling physical and emotional improvements across class participants of all ages and sizes. Using carefully selected stretches and exercise routines, Cory has designed the Live 2 B Healthy®  program to coax sedentary seniors into enjoyable social opportunities that allow them to stretch limbs and joints, while boosting both their physical health and quality of life.

Sarah Czepa

Partner/Accounts Payable

Sarah Czepa has turned her life-long passion for health and fitness into a thriving career. Since the year 2000 Sarah has been a personal trainer, where she helps middle-aged adults to achieve the fitness levels for enjoying full, long and active lives. Sarah and her husband Cory have owned a fitness center  and nutrition business since 2004, and they continue to make fitness a priority in their personal and professional lives. Sarah joined the board of Live 2 B Healthy® in 2012.

Rick Shepley


Rick Shepley brings over forty years of strong leadership in the Financial Services industry, including executive and entrepreneurial positions in Commercial Banking, Merchant Banking, Private Equity and Mortgage Banking. In addition to his impressive professional leadership, Rick makes time for many philanthropic initiatives including current service on four boards of directors, and a history of service to Children’s Hospital of St. Paul, United Way of St. Paul, the Science Museum of Minnesota and several higher education organizations. Rick has been certified by the American Council of Exercise, and leads an active lifestyle with his family.

John Meyers


John Meyers has built a reputation for start-up and turn-around leadership throughout his forty-year career in retail, manufacturing, consumer goods, energy, and financial services. John began his career in Operations within the Financial Services industry, eventually growing into leadership and then executive and consulting positions helping others to build organizational and team capability.  John has a track record nationally and internationally across industries for turning business chaos into consistent peak performance. Having experienced first-hand the positive impact of fitness training, John joined Live 2 B Healthy® in 2011.

Jacqueline Prescott (JP)


JP has worked with stakeholders to build or enhance the company’s infrastructure including marketing, web presence, operations training, franchise advisory board relationships and business operating processes.  So proud of our wonderful franchise owners who help seniors rebuild their strength and independence, every day!  JP joined Live 2 B Healthy® in 2011.


Bryan Schreifels

Vice President

Bryan Schreifels has been a results-driven business leader with extensive experience building businesses in both startup and established environments for the last three decades.  He has a deep operations and sales expertise with a solid track record of exceeding goals.  Bryan has been involved in franchising for most of his career as a franchisee, area developer, multi-unit manager, executive, and an owner of three businesses.  He has a Bachelor of Science degree in business and marketing.

Bryan strongly believes that fitness is a lifestyle for all ages. He joined Live 2 B Healthy® in 2013.

Marketing Director

Kelly Nygard is Director of Marketing for Live 2 B Healthy®.  She has over 25 years of marketing, management and entrepreneurial experience and is so excited to be part of a growing business that promotes health and a healthy lifestyle!  Kelly loves the challenge and the creativity that marketing provides. With the ever-evolving influence of the internet, the pace of how businesses market themselves and what they have to learn and change to stay on top of their game continues to change constantly. Kelly is a proactive, can-do person who sees life as a continual challenge and problems as opportunities for growth.  Kelly has a BA in English and is a Certified Social Media Strategist.

Kelly believes that maintaining both a healthy body and a healthy spirit is the key to abundant life.  She  joined Live 2 B Healthy® in 2014.