Reading Our Participation Reports

There are many things that set our senior fitness program apart, but one of the most compelling is our impressive database and reporting system.  Each community receives a participation report each month, so they can evaluate their resident’s levels of participation.

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Our participation reports tell a story for our communities. For instance, The Glenn Hopkins (left or click on image to view larger) is able to see how many residents are attending their class on a daily basis and, looking at the chart below, can see long-term trends. The Yellow portion of the graph shows the total number of participants for the month. The Green shows the average number of participants for each class, per month. By looking at this report, our Regional Owners and trainers can see trends developing over time. For instance, some Independent or Co-Op communities regularly see attendance drop during the winter months in the northern climates as the snowbirds head south.
In this particular graph, The Glenn could note that, beginning in the fall of 2017, their overall attendance began to drop. This might serve as a concern; however, The Glenn’s class was actually averaging almost 50 attendees during the first half of 2017, which prompted them to make the decision to add a second L2BH class to their schedule to avoid over-crowding.
Having access to these types of reports, allows us to monitor the attendance at our classes. Occasionally, a class may see attendance begin to drop, which usually indicates that a Regional Owner needs to drop by and assess the class and/or meet with the community’s Administrator to discuss strategies for increasing attendance. Likewise, if a class is regularly attracting a larger number of participants than the space can comfortably accommodate, the Regional Owner may use the report to encourage the community to add a second (or third) class. The report provides long-term trend information, so the community and the Regional Owner can make informed decisions about their class.
Among Assisted Living and Memory Care classes, there may occasionally be family members who are interested in tracking their loved ones’ individual class attendance due to health concerns or to report to a physician or care-giver. These reports can be requested on an individual basis directly from the Regional Owner, who can provide individualized information as well.

In addition to our monthly participation reports, Live 2 B Healthy® also does baseline and twice yearly fitness assessments and provides our communities with the results of these assessments.  Watch our July 2018 newsletter for an overview of these Testing Reports and the useful information we can obtain through these reports.