Falls Prevention

Study Shows 47% Reduction in Falls!

Our communities are concerned about Return on Investment.  In data shared with us, participants have reduced fall rates an average of 47%What could a reduction of falls like that do to your bottom line?

  • Implement a resistance training program for older adults to help improve their functional fitness abilities and improve their overall well-being.
  • Measure the impact of your resistance training program both in terms of the 4 functional fitness measures AND at the group level with respect to fall reduction.
  • Share the results with community caregivers and encourage them to support the program by helping residents get to the class regularly.
  • Celebrate your results with resident families and the surrounding community to build a strong pipeline of potential future residents.4

. . . and a 59% Fall Rate Reduction in Memory Care Setting!

One of our Memory Care Community Partners tracked their falls for three years. The 59% Fall Rate Reduction they saw in their first year test community convinced them that Live 2 B Healthy® was effective enough to warrant adding to all 7 of their communities’ programs.

How Does that work?

The reason Live 2 B Healthy® programs are so effective at reducing falls is because we concentrate on improving Balance, Flexibility & Strength in all of our classes.

Balance is largely a function of practice, and, as we age, we tend to practice balance skills less, so we lose our ability.  Our classes incorporate both sitting and standing movements that get seniors back into the practice of using their balance skills.

Flexibility and stretching exercises lubricate the joints and help to keep our movements smoother and less painful.  Less pain means more range of movement, and less hesitation in our daily activities.

And finally, by working on Strength – particularly core strength – we have increased ability to recover from a stumble.  Our core muscles help us catch ourselves before gravity takes over when we stumble.  

Live 2 B Healthy® doesn’t just talk about improved balance, flexibility & strength – we have the data to back it up!  All of our classes start out with a baseline test.  Thereafter, participants are tested twice per year.  We provide testing results to our communities to share with their residents, family and community.  

Regular testing ensures continued progress.

Documented Results: