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This testimonial was published in the Gramercy Park Cooperative Newsletter in September 2018:

Gerald & Virgie Worrel with Live 2 B Healthy® Certified Personal Trainer,  Kelli Sjoblom

Gerald & Virgie Worrel with Live 2 B Healthy® Certified Personal Trainer,  Kelli Sjoblom

Gerald & Virgie Worrel are an unusual success story for Ecumen Evergreens in Fargo.  They do not even live at the community, but they received a mailing from SilverSneakers®Flex telling them about a new senior fitness class in their area that they could attend for free.  Evergreens welcomed them to the class in June 2015, and they have been attending 3 times per week since they began.

“At my age (83) your attention span becomes erratic. Most of these exercises were recommended by a therapist for home exercises. But after 5-6 minutes, other things seem to be more enjoyable, so the structured routine and companionship of this type of class really helps, both physically and mentally. I think the class provides a chance to challenge myself and constantly improve my physical condition. I have noticed a great improvement in my muscle tone. Over all I feel these sessions have been a great help for me,” stated Gerald.

Ecumen Evergreens Class Schedule ♦ Ecumen Evergreens Website

Jim Snook Working with Exercise Bands

Jim Snook from Legacy of Layfayette working the Exercise Bands

Jim Snook (83) from Legacy of Layfayette has been taking L2BH classes since June 2015 and has increased his flexibility sit and reach test by 5 inches!

Jim states “Exercise is very important to everyone and it is a great opportunity that we have a well-organized, fun exercise class with a trained professional teaching our L2BH class. Sul, our trainer is very knowledgeable and helps us understand the value of the motions we are doing.  Being confident in my trainer gives me confidence that what I’m doing is worthwhile.  Overall, I think and feel better, plus I move stronger!”

Legacy at Layfayette Schedule ♦ Legacy at Layfayette website

Marnie and Trainer-Owner Greg Springman

Marnie & Live 2 B Healthy® Trainer/Owner Greg Springman

Meet Marnie from WestRidge of Minnetonka, MN.  In this photo, taken in August 2015, Marnie is 103 years young and going strong!  Marnie participates in all 3 Live 2 B Healthy® classes at WestRidge each week, takes daily walks and still gets on her hands and knees to scrub her floors!  Marnie credits staying active for her youthful spirit and overall well-being.

Marnie testifies: “It is important to exercise – I have a lot more stamina since I began doing it.”  And at 103, we know Marnie must be doing something right!

Here is another testimonial that was handwritten and submitted by a brand new resident of WestRidge of Minnetonka:

“I had contemplated for about 2 months if we should make a move to Westridge.  Then I decided to attend the exercise class to see what it was about.  I did and it was explained it was a SilverSneakers class offering and I went from the class and signed the lease.  That was my deciding factor.”  Barb McDaniels

WestRidge Class Schedule ♦  Westridge of Minnetonka website

Class Participants Carolyn Hoppes and Richard Stoll with CPT Aria Moshirian

Tropics class participants Carolyn Hoppes and Richard Stoll with L2BH CPT Aria Moshirian.

These two written testimonials from the Tropics Mobile Home Park say it all:

“I am so happy Live 2 B Healthy® has come to the Tropics Mobile Home Park in Union City.  Senior fitness is an important part of a happy and healthy lifestyle. It will be a great benefit to all our residents.  We love trainers Austin and Aria. They are experts in guiding our seniors through the exercises.  They are so patient and helpful.  Thanks again for becoming part of our Tropics family.  You are doing a terrific job!” writes Carolyn Hoppes.

“I want to recommend to any Senior out there to try Live 2 B Healthy®. It is a great program for us seniors.  With trainers like Austin and Aria you have a positive way to get active.
Live 2 B Healthy® came to the Tropics Senior Mobil Home Park in October. I am a 70 year old male who thought exercise was not needed. I have been working out with Austin and Aria since then. I feel so much better. I see many residents in wheel chairs and walkers doing these exercises. If you have an opportunity to join – do so!!”  Richard Stoll.

Tropics Class Schedule ♦ Tropics Website

Live 2 B Healthy CPT Kaylee Dorn working with a Memory Care Resident

Live 2 B Healthy CPT, Kaylee Dorn, works with a Memory Care Resident

This is from an email received by one of our Regional Owners from Amber Madsen of Seasons at Maplewood:

“My name is Amber and I am a resident assistant in Memory Care 2 at Seasons at Maplewood.  I am writing to you to let you know how appreciated Kaylee is. I’ve been working in this Memory Care full-time for over a year now and have known who some of the difficult-to-motivate residents are, but there are a few residents who love to hear that it’s Kaylee leading exercises with them. During Kaylee’s time here in this memory care with the residents, she has really made an impact that I can see, not just physically, but emotionally too. I see residents smiling when she is up there with them. One resident who is challenged with names remember hers.

It is clear to see that Kaylee’s compassion lies in people. I’ve seen her not just working on improving the resident’s strength, but have notice her awareness of other’s feelings too. She has outstanding intrapersonal skills and knows how to communicate with those who struggle with it themselves. So again, thank you for sending her to us! She has been a huge blessing to many  at Seasons and I hope we will be seeing her for a long time! ”  Amber Madsen

Seasons of Maplewood Class Schedule  ♦ Seasons of Maplewood website

Here’s What Residential Owners Say

“Our relationship with Cory and Live 2 B Healthy® has already been such a positive influence on our clients. Our clients range in ages from 88 to 106. In just a short couple of weeks, I can see such a difference in their attitudes and their strength in walking. They actually wait in the exercise room until Cory arrives. It’s one of the best decisions concerning the clients I have ever made.”

~ Laura Kicker, Owner | Golden Hearts

“SouthView Living Staff and administration are seeing certain changes in our residents. Staff quotes to us that residents seem more content and relaxed, sleeping better (some residents), appetites have improved. After they have exercised in the morning, they are all ready for a nap. The communication with the trainer is a positive feedback with our residents. They are already smiling when you walk in the door. We are excited, and patiently waiting for the test results in our residents.”

~ Shirley Hopp, Administration/Owner | SouthView

“I would highly recommend Live 2 B Healthy® to other retirement communities that would like to assist their residents to become more independent or to maintain their strength. ”

~Lisa Cleland, LSW  | Marketing Director  | Keystones Cedar Rapids, IA
Read full testimony here

“Before Live 2 B Healthy®, we actually had a personal trainer come in several days a week and she would just do general exercises stretching with our residents at that time. It was something our residence did enjoy but the results were not apparent. Then we had Live 2 B Healthy® in here on a brief trial and in that time, our attendance nearly tripled what we had prior with just the regular personal trainer. Live 2 B Healthy® is much more results driven then our prior arrangement. I have heard a lot of positive feedback.

I definitely think the fact that the attendance has tripled and quadrupled really shows how the residents are benefiting. The residents are very happy with it, they are happier throughout the day because of it and that word is passing on to their friends that live here so more and more people are coming out to class..”

~ Christina Martlet, Manager | Grammercy Park Coop Plymouth, MN

Here’s What Our Clients Say

“Since I’ve been working out with Live 2 B Healthy…

testimonials - irene
“Cory has renewed our spirits, instilled in us a will to use neglected limbs and muscles, and energy to participate in new activities and the hope of still being of use to others even though I am 106 years old!”
— Irene

testimonials - evelyn
“Thank you Live 2 B Healthy® . May we all enjoy this very wonderful exercise program.”
— Evelyn

testimonials - lois
“…I have so much more stamina and energy. My knees and legs are so much stronger. I just feel better.”
— Lois

testimonials - john
“…I’ve lost weight and lowered my blood sugar. I’m stronger and have more energy. I’ve lost a third of my body fat, and my wife says I look great!”
— John

testimonials - gail
“…my doctor has reduced my dosage on one medication, and taken me off of another. I have less pain, more energy, and am physically stronger. I feel much better about myself.”
— Gail

testimonials - tom
“I’ve lowered my cholesterol by sixty points, lost weight, and improved my blood pressure. I’m very optimistic that my investment in exercise… Will make a huge difference in the quality of my life for the next twenty to thirty years.”
— Tom