Increased Length of Stay

42 Months vs. 22 Months

It is generally less expensive to care for healthier residents. The healthier the residents are, the less turnover there is with residents by allowing them to stay in the community longer and stay out of the hospital.

Across the industry, the average length of stay in assisted living is 22 months, according to Illumination 2016 Analytics’ 10-year analysis, as presented at the Argentum Senior Living Executive Conference in May 2016.

Live 2 B Healthy® proprietary data shows an average length of stay of over 42 months for our assisted living client communities that have been with us 2 years or longer.

Realife of Phalen Village 90+ Club

Improve Balance, Flexibility & Strength

Study after study indicates the numerous benefits of exercise on health and longevity, so it’s no surprise that communities who partner with Live 2 B Healthy® find that their Length of Stay is higher than the national average.    Our testing results consistently show improvements in Balance, Flexibility & Strength among our class participants.  

Seniors who are more active are at a decreased risk of falls, as well experiencing improved symptoms of various life-shortening chronic conditions related to heart disease, diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s.  

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How Much Could My Community Save?

This simple Calculator is designed to help you visualize what allowing you to keep just one resident in your community for even one month longer.

The right hand column then assumes the average Live 2 B Healthy® class size of 20 residents, to illustrate how much money your community could add, per month,  simply by implementing our program.